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Prem Yadav is the Chief Mentor of SAKET INTERIORS PVT. LTD. He is a graduate in Science and holds a Diploma in Interior Designing from a leading Institute of Mumbai. Leadership by example is perhaps, the most essential instrument to encourage all the facets of the company to demonstrate commitment and dedication for its success. And the MD of Saket truly exhibits this quality.

He has extensive hands on experience in all aspects of implementing a project, right from identification to its successful time bound execution. The Managing Director and Chief Mentor is responsible for mentoring our core management team in transforming us into a world - class, next generation organization that provides state- of-the-art novel structures and innovations at work. He is epitome of the fact that transparency, honesty, and moral integrity are not at variance with business acumen.

Shilpen Sarvaiya is Director- Finance & Human Resources. He has put in place the articulated financial policy for the company and played a key role in branding the company among the investor community and enhancing transparency and disclosure levels. With a background of Chartered Accountancy, he is responsible for corporate strategy, brand equity, planning, external contacts and other management matters. He is also responsible for achieving the annual business plan.

He is currently responsible for the performance of practice units in terms of value delivered to customers, business performance, and organizational efficiency. This is complimented by his other responsibilities in fostering innovation, leadership, teamwork and work values within the organization. He is a perfect manager of time, money and men and exhibits a passion to find solutions to all the problems at SAKET.

Ms. Sarita Amba plays a key role at Saket as she heads the interiors design and PMC division. Ms. Sarita is a qualified Architect with an experience of more than 15 years. she started his career as an Architect at C P KUKREJA & ASSOCIATE and worked on extensive Architectural and interior projects.

Mr. Dev yadav is a mechanical engineer by qualification and commenced his career in the year 1998 as a site engineer with Amar Decora and continued till 2008. He moved on to become a Project Manager with the same co.

With Amar Decora he has executed, the number of projects of offices, residence, hotels and malls at all over India . He has a vast work experience with Architect Kamal S Malik. From 2008 at Saket he heads the Interior Division and responsible for all projects to its successful time bound execution.

Mr. Dev specializes in the execution of contracts and their administration. His experience and knowledge will be of great benefit for all the future projects at Saket.

Mr. Hussain Shah plays a key role at Saket as he heads the infrastructure division. Mr. Shah is a qualified Civil Engineer with an experience of more than 18 years. He started his career as a site engineer at Dhume Apte Nanavati and worked on extensive projects like the Army Welfare Project- residential complex of 250000 sq.ft.

Prior to joining SAKET, Mr. Shah was a Project Consulting Engineer for Satguru's, where he had joined as a chief Engineer and completed his tenure on a very high note. At Satguruís he handled projects like the TDR project at Almeida Park - Bandra for about 15000sq.ft. From the likes of Hafeez Contractor to Nitin Khilawala to Premnath and associates, Mr. Shah has worked with the finest of Architects, the country has seen. Mr. Shah's drive and dynamism is clearly visible in the myriad projects he has handled. His strategic insight and his proven ability are sure to be of vital significance to Saket. The extensive list of construction projects managed by Mr. Shah illustrates his extensive capabilities.

Mehul Shah by Qualification is interior designer and business Management and plays a key role of Saket Interiors Pvt Ltd as he Heads Top Executive Responsible for Firms overall Operations and Performance. He is the leader of the Firm, Serves as the main Link between the Board of Directors and The Firms various Parts or Levels, and is held solely responsible for the Firmís Success and Failure. One of the Major duties is to Maintain and implement corporate policy, as established by the Board. He also advises the Board of Directors, Motivates Employees and Drives change within the Organization and presides Over the Organization Day-to-Day, Month-to-Month and Year-to-Year operations.
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