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  Our Philosophy  
Lift the Spirit. Know the Purpose. Reach Beyond.The successes enjoyed by SAKET is a result of leadership, outstanding professional talent and a state of the art design philosophy, all of which guide and encourage design, client service and innovation.

Design Philosophy
Our Design Excellence philosophy revolves around our central goal to create structures and environments of lasting aesthetic quality and functionality. We strive to design spaces that capture the imagination, lift the spirit and move the emotions. These are the structures that stand as testaments to the power of planning, architecture, engineering and interior design to better our global surroundings.Our designs incorporate technological innovations while remaining responsive to their contexts - social, historical and natural. Each project focuses on balancing contemporary design, trends and traditions, technology and sustainability.

Execution Policy
Developing novel techniques, adapting to new methodologies, providing client-specific solutions is a way of life at Saket. The state of the art creation of novel structures in whatever we create is a true test of success. Such work of excellence is what makes us proud.

Organizational Philosophy
The philosophy that guides our organization is simple strive for constant improvement in both process and product to ensure that clients receive the best possible design, innovation and service.

Business Philosophy
SAKET is equally committed to working in partnership with clients to meet specific client goals. Eschewing from fads and artistic expression for its own sake, we believe that every project is born of a specific business need. Meeting that need is our goal.

Design must produce a return on investment and be profitable for our clients, in whatever way their profits are measured. We have, since 1996, been committed to delivering timeless structures that are practical, buildable, on time and within the client's budget.
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