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  Safety Plan & Working Environment  
Safety & workforce at Saket
At Saket, safe workplace is a state of mind; a way of life. We have developed a culture that promotes an injury - free environment and provides the safest workplace possible for our employees, subcontractors, clients and others who enter or who are near our construction sites. We are dedicated to elevating the standards for safety in our company. We will not be satisfied until our workplace is safe from hazards. The Project Managers are the leaders of our Safety team and assisting them are the full time safety supervisors depending on the size and potential safety hazards of the work. We have developed a comprehensive safety program that is continually updated to keep current with changing Safety and health regulations.
We have adopted certain measures to ensure safety at our sites, which includes
1. Strict use of proper personal protective equipments at all times.
2. Timely safety audits by qualified personnel.
3. Conducting training session for workers at site to minimize any risk at work.
4. Cleanliness to be maintained at sites throughout the time period.
5. Working with licensed and trained electricians only.
6. Establishing safety and environmental protection standards that comply with local laws.
7. Holding operating Managers accountable for safety and for providing leadership and required      resources.
Our organization, places a strong commitment on Safety and Health as a cost effective, productive and humane way to improve the quality of work and the skill of our workers. It is our highest priority.
We encourage our employees to create an environment that fosters and supports professional excellence and recognition for outstanding performance. We are committed to rewarding and recognizing outstanding performance and feel strongly that an employee's pay should directly reflect his or her performance, contribution and value to the company.
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